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Why Terengganu Is More Than Just A Tourist Site

Whenever the attention shifts to the very paradise of turtles in Malaysia, Terengganu, the majority perceives it as a mere state of tourism with nothing much of a business opportunity to look forward to. Little did everybody know that since it is a major seaport situated by the south china sea, there exist abundant resources to be availed by entrepreneurs for business purposes. Thereby, apart from keropok lekor and nasi dagang, please take a moment to decipher this article that will soon widen up your perspective on this prosperous state of Malaysia. 

Consistent Seafood Supply

Calling out seafood enthusiasts, Terengganu is one paradise you do not wish to miss out on. Speaking of business terms, you may want to take full advantage of this and begin a venture that focuses on supplying seafood. There exist many foods and beverages operators in Terengganu whose businesses’ sole focus is on their seafood-based specialties you can cater toward, if not you may ship it to clients of other states. States like Selangor and Kuala Lumpur rely on outer states’ and imported seafood supply because the variety available in their regions do not suffice, you may thereby cater to this particular niche. Aside from that, you may also consider initiating an eatery depending on these local supplies, substituting the essentiality of replying on outer states’ resources. 

Oil And Gas Opportunity 

Other than that, the career opportunity in Terengganu, more specifically Terengganu is endless. There exist multiple oil and gas companies like Petronas, Haliburton, MRA Petroleum, best shipping company in kemaman so on and so forth you may want to pursue a career in. The abundance of resources available within the region, makes it easier for the venture to operate. These companies in addition, generously invest in employees’ capabilities by sending them to multiple training to brush up their techniques, and most importantly, they welcome individuals of distinct races, backgrounds, even nationalities to pursue a stable career. If you happen to visit Kemaman one fine day, do not be surprised when you stumble upon numerous foreigners because they have been residing here longer than you do for their jobs. 

Bottom Line 

Terengganu has long been degraded by inhabitants of cities because of how laid back its level of advancement is compared to other states like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, but the truth is that those residing in the east coasts have a generally greater degree of happiness due to lower level of stress and pertinent environmental pollutions. Besides, the job opportunities here are just as plenty compared to that of other states in Malaysia, these are merely two opportunities you can obtain in Terengganu in which there are many more left to uncover. 

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