What To Do In A Car Accident

You are driving back home from your workplace at Bandar Kinrara Puchong to Subang Jaya. Due to unfortunate circumstances, you got into a car accident probably from feeling tired. Another thing is that this is your first time getting into a car accident, and you do not know what to do. Fear not, in this article, we will guide you on what you need to do when you get into a car accident.

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1.Do not move your car away from the accident scene

First things first, do not move your car away from the accident scene (Unless needed). For example, you move your car to the side so that you don’t block people’s way. Too bad for other drivers. The reason why you shouldn’t move your car is for documentation purposes.

2.Take pictures of the accident

No matter if you are right or wrong in the scene. You must always take pictures of the car damage and the accident scene so that you can make a police report later to claim insurance. Remember to take a picture of the other person’s car with their number plate.

3.Do not allow third-party car services to tow your car away

Whatever the situation is, never allow third-party car services to tow your car away with the promise of fixing your car. Often, these car companies are unethical where they will charge a much higher price compared to a licensed car repair shop

4.Make a police report

If you are looking to claim your car insurance, be sure to make a police report within 24 hours. Protect yourself from unexpected third-party automobile claims or personal injury claims by submitting a police report.

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5.Call your car dealership to send someone to pick up your car

If worse comes to worst your car is damaged seriously till where it is not safe to drive. Call your car dealership immediately to have someone tow your car for you. Nowadays, their number will be placed on your windshield. It is better to let a professional handle your car compared to a third-party shop.

6.Never settle for less

Never accept any cash from the other party to get your car fixed. If you are unsure how severe your damage is, it is better to make a police report and claim the insurance. The amount they give could be less than the amount that you need to pay for the actual damages.

Extra note: Never give in

If the other party is being extremely unreasonable, do not give in to his demands. By following his orders, you have already given him the chance to push you around. If the person refuses to let you go, call the police immediately.


It can be a scary experience when you get into an accident for the first time and you do not know what to do. Just take a deep breath, relax your mind, and follow these steps.

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