Secret Cherry's best-selling dildos Malaysia

What are the Benefits of Using Realistic Dildos?

Glass dildos, double-ended dildos, strap-on dildos, and vibrating dildos are all available in a variety of shapes and sizes (exactly like the real thing), as well as a variety of patterns. The common denominator among these lifelike dildo species is, of course, their realistic, penis-like features – prominent veins, realistic glans, and often a pair of balls as a finishing touch.

But, with so many non-anatomical sex toys on the market, what is it about Secret Cherry’s realistic best-selling dildos Malaysia that makes them a staple sex toy?

Exceptional Stimulation

The inside stimulation provided by a real penis is often ignored, yet the bulging veins, head shape, and firmness of an erection all combine to massage those sensitive internal nerve ends. When these natural characteristics are recreated in the form of a dildo, they, too, are high achievers in terms of intimate pleasure.

Many realistic dildos have realistic testicles, which are a great complement for external clitoris or perineum stimulation during play. They offer that little extra touch that goes a long way. They are usually firm and have added roughness from the realistic detailing.

On-Demand Gratification

The firm-yet-flexible nature of male erections is for a reason: it enables for simple insertion and a pleasant fit during sex. The majority of realistic dildos now have this brilliant design feature, but they’re always erect and ready to go, for as long as you want.

To make your on-demand play as slick as possible, make sure you have lots of water-based sex lubrication on available.

Small, Medium, Or Large? Large? Massive?

When it comes to penis size, there is no such thing as a standard penis. Variety is the spice of life. Realistic dildos have followed suit, and here at Lovehoney, we have an eclectic variety of lengths and girths to meet your needs. We have everything you need, whether it’s 13.5 inches of extra-long length or a tiny 4 inches.

Whether you’re looking for a girth with a diameter of 2 – 3 inches or a double-hander with a circumference of 10+ inches, our assortment has you covered. Or something in the middle.

Secret Cherry's best-selling dildos Malaysia

A Deviation From The Norm

A realistic dildo could be the answer if you’re looking for something a little different than what you’re used to. Even the tiniest size or form modification might have a significant impact on your experience.

Is It Possible To Be Too Realistic?

If a flesh-colored dildo is going too far in its resemblance to the actual thing, there are plenty other vibrantly coloured realistic dildos out there with the same detailing but without the authentic skin colour.

Look. There Are No Hands!

Imagine being able to arrange your favourite penis in practically any position and angle without having to deal with uncomfortable legs, hands, and who knows what else. Please join me in applauding the realistic dildos with suction cups.

Stick them to practically any flat surface, such as a bathroom wall or a bedroom door, and you’ll have a realistic dildo in a number of places. You don’t even have to use your hands to hold it in the proper position. Genius.

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