Types of Lab Benches

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You must carefully consider the lab benches and tables you chose for your workspace from lab furniture manufacturers malaysia. They serve as the basis for each laboratory. It is essential that you have practical and efficient lab tables, lab benches, and laboratory worktops for taking notes, performing experiments, and other lab-related chores because you will be doing the majority of your work there. Knowing your alternatives when it comes to selecting materials for your workstation is essential because every lab has its own unique set of requirements.

Stainless Steel Tables

What distinguishes stainless steel equipment from that made of epoxy resin, phenolic resin, or other materials, if you’re in the market for commercial lab equipment? Stainless steel is extremely robust and retains its shape over time, and it has an unmatched level of durability. The steel’s stiffness is maintained across a broad temperature range of up to around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is also very resistant to strong impact and structural damage. If you get stainless steel, you can anticipate it to last a very long period. Replacements are rarely required (as long as they are properly maintained), unless the company needs new equipment to increase its capabilities.

Wilsonart Solid Surface

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If you want high-quality, visually beautiful bench tops, Wilsonart solid surfaces can be your best option. Wilsonart’s solid surface bench tops are an acrylic-based product that mimics Formica, Corian, and quartz in appearance but differs in terms of its physical characteristics. All types of laboratory facilities would benefit from solid surface bench tops since they are adaptable, economical, and hygienic. Additionally, because solid surfaces do not allow the growth of bacteria, they are perfect for healthcare settings.

ESD Workbench

A dielectric breakdown, an electrical short, or contact can all lead to an electrostatic discharge, which is a quick passage of electricity across two electrically charged objects. ESD workbenches are a great technique to offer protection against electrostatic discharge due to the fundamental principle that it securely directs static electricity to the ground. This is made possible by connecting the same electromagnetic ground point to all elements of the work environment, including work surfaces, humans, and their equipment. The usage of a workstation is essential in laboratory contexts because of the nature of the instruments used in electronics assemblies.

Epoxy Resin Lab Bench tops

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Epoxy resin bench tops are created by mixing a variety of components and curing them into a solid, continuous product. It makes sense for a variety of labs in terms of features and benefits. Epoxy bench tops are also aesthetically pleasing, durable, and economical. Epoxy bench tops are stylish and fit in both contemporary and vintage labs. Any colour you can imagine is available for epoxy bench tops. The performance of the epoxy bench top is frequently determined by the quality of the surface. A top-notch epoxy bench top will give you years of productivity with little care and upkeep. It is also typically used around sinks and other areas that experience a lot of moisture because it is non-porous and resistant to both water and moisture. Additionally, it is resistant to chemicals and heat, doesn’t discolour easily, and only cracks and blisters under really trying circumstances. Even after years of use, it can withstand a battering and still appear brand new.

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