Things to Know About Pain and Pleasure 

There are several misconceptions about sexual activity, one of which being that the first time you have sex will be painful. Although slight discomfort is frequent, it should never result in pain, whether it’s from vaginal, anal, or oral stimulation. Here’s whatever you need to understand to try to calm your anxieties, reduce discomfort, remain safe, and have fun. Visit sex toy shop .

Set Reasonable Expectations For Orgasm And Performance

If you’ve a penises, you may feel compelled to “last long” during sex, meaning to have intercourse for an extended amount of time before orgasming and ejaculating.

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While it is possible, it is also completely usual for you to not endure very long.

You can feel under pressure to orgasm your lover — or yourself. Many people have orgasms for the first occasion they have intercourse, but this is not true for everyone. That’s fine!

Sex is a talent that may be improved upon through time. You may not have been a natural at it right away, just like driving or even walking.

However, with practice and theory, you may enhance your talent over time.

Go Slow

Sex may be thrilling, so you may feel compelled to move quickly — especially if you’re afraid! But, no matter what sort of sex you’re having, slow and steady wins the race.

At first, use slow and very gentle motions, then switch it up if you both enjoy it. When it comes to insertion of any type, going gradually might help your vaginal and anal muscles relax and become acclimated to the sensation of being penetrated. Slowing down also allows you to relish and appreciate the moment.

If You Are Having Oral Sex 

If you’re having oral sex, don’t use your teeth on your partner’s genitals since it’s uncomfortable (unless they expressly want it, as some individuals prefer the experience!).

Whether you’re kissing, licking, or rubbing a penis, vaginal, or anus, gentle lips, licks, and stroking can be delightful.

If you’re giving someone an oral sex, sticking it directly at the back of their throat could be painful. Slow down and don’t feel obligated to go too deep if you don’t want to.


Use lubrication if you’re having vaginal intercourse, particularly if your vagina isn’t extremely moist. Whether you’re using sex toys, fingers, or a penis, lube can help in penetration.

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If your spouse intends to penetrate you with their fingers, make sure they cut their nails & wash their hands first. Long nails might make it difficult to enjoy the experience.

When it comes to penetration, take it gently. Vaginal relaxation and loosening can be aided by gentle, deep strokes with a fingertip, sex object, or penis.

If you’re using a dildo, start with a little one. If this is your first time being entered by fingers, your spouse can start with one or two palms and gradually go to more if you desire.

If You Plan On Having Anal Intercourse,

Lubrication is essential while having anal intercourse for the first time. The anus, unlike the vagina, does not create its own natural sexual lubricants.

If you’re going to use a sex toy, begin with a little one. There are sex gadgets created specifically for anal intercourse.

When it comes to a penis invading an anus, it’s a good idea to start with fingers or little sex toys and work your way up to penetrative sex. This might help you relax both physically and psychologically.

It’s crucial to move slowly and gently. Fast or rough intercourse can cause discomfort since the anal muscles are fragile.

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