The Reasons Why you Need Studying Medicine

The medical personnel at this time is very crucial these days. Especially considering the current situation, the Covid-19 and monkeypox pandemics are happening in the world. Therefore, medical students with reliable abilities are needed. Unfortunately, some students believe that studying medicine is difficult.

Indeed, being a medical student requires perseverance and determination so that later you can graduate to become a professional doctor. Therefore, for those of you prospective new students who want to enter the medical department, it is necessary to listen to some information about this. This medical department is one of the majors that study various materials about the body of living things, ranging from functions, diseases, and treatment. Students majoring in science, especially biology and chemistry enthusiasts, will definitely find fun lessons in this medical department.

Medical students will learn about cells, surgery, genetics, basic immunology, and much more. For the lecture period, the normal period of study up to a bachelor’s degree can be taken from 3.5 to 4 years. However, for medical students, the education period to be able to become a doctor is quite long because later there will be several stages that medical students will go through to become a doctor, starting from co-ass professional education (co-ass), certification testing, to specialist education which can last for 4-6 years. 

From year to year, the doctoral education undergraduate study program always has many enthusiasts. As a result, the difficulty level of this major will be increasingly difficult.

Here are some reasons why you should study medicine.

1. Can heal people. For some people, doctors are always considered “helping gods” by the community. This is because their intelligence in diagnosing people’s illnesses leads to high hopes that doctors can cure whatever disease that person is suffering from. Study bachelor of medicine in Ireland.

2. Have a clear career path. The career path of a doctor is clear. After graduating college, you know where to go. You can choose to continue your study program, work in public or private hospitals, open your own practice, and work in other health fields.

3. Can improve the health of the nation. In addition to education, health is the key to the general welfare, aka the determinant of the progress of a nation. You know, the health sector in Indonesia and the world still has various challenges. For example, health facilities are not evenly distributed, educating the public about correct health information and disease outbreaks to the limited budget for the health sector. Those who take medical education will be filled with a breadth of health knowledge. And their motivation to improve public health will grow.

4. Understand the world of health. This can also be a positive benefit because you will feel, that health is important. You can also spread health information to those around you so they can take care of themself.

5. Get a job right away. It is rare for medical graduates to be unemployed for long periods of time. Even after graduation, you can immediately get a job, maybe in a hospital where you practice during college, a clinic, or a health organization. This is one of the reasons for choosing to become a doctor for some people. The need for doctors in some countries is still quite a lot.

6. Improve social status. A person’s desire to improve his family’s social status can also be by becoming a doctor. The doctor is a prestigious profession and appreciated by many people who are never underestimated. That is why becoming a doctor can elevate the status of his family in society.

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