The Applications Of Industrial Valves

Industrial valves are valves used by manufacturers, factories and certain parts of the processing industry to allow the regulation of substances. They are usually connected to piping systems and chambers. These valves are essential in ensuring substances such as gases, liquids and slurries are transported safely and according to protocol.

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The concept of industrial valves are similar to the concept normal valves function to. The only significant difference is industrial valves are built and designed specifically to withstand harsh conditions. These harsh conditions include high pressure and temperatures. 

Industrial valves use the casting method to be reproduced by manufacturers. Then, these manufacturers provide and supply valves according to their clients needs. There are many types of industrial valves, but here are a few of them and their applications. 

Globe valves

This valve is the most popular valve because it can be used in many applications. This valve has a positive shut-off, and can be utilised as a stop-check valve. Other than that, their opening-closing time is significantly shorter than others. So, it is much more efficient and simple to use. A major advantage of globe valves is that they leak less compared to other valves. These valves are usually found in high-temperature applications. 

Gate Valves

The main purpose of gate valves is to serve as an isolation valve. These valves allow the control of liquids through their attachment to the pipes. The benefits of gate valves include having low friction loss, and can be used both ways in a circuit. Plus, they lose less pressure, and can save a lot of energy and total cost. Gate valves are well-suited in high pressure and temperature situations. 

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Ball Valves

These valves contain a ball in them that regulates the substance flow. These valves are usually used for gases, as they provide better sealing. Plus, they are able to be closed and open quickly. They are the most cost-effective choice among all the other valves. On top of that, they need less maintenance and fixing because their design needs no lubrication. These valves can be found in chemical storage use, residential uses and manufacturing sectors. Ball valves are also used in the natural gas and oil industry as well. 

Check valves 

Also called as Non Return Valve (NRV), these valves prevent the backflow of substances. Check valves ensure that the substances flow in one direction, and prevent them from flowing in a reverse direction. This valve is important, because if the substances flow in a reverse direction they could damage the pipes or equipment on the other side of the valve. These valves are incredibly versatile in their applications. They can be found in several industries such as petrochemical, refining, and chemical. Water, viscous fluids, oilfield production. Other than that, they are usually found in manufacturing and waste-water management. 
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