Skydiving: Should You Do It?

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

If you are an adventurous person and you are constantly looking for new things to try, you can actually consider trying skydiving if you have not tried it before. Skydiving is actually an extreme sport where thousands of people around the globe are participating. Some do it as a competition, some do it as a hobby or for fun.

Fun fact, if you have not tried skydiving before, it actually looks terrifying and dangerous. However, with the Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia, skydiving is actually safe with only 0.003 fatalities per thousand jumps over the last decade. Not just that, skydiving has also the strongest safety stats compared to any jumps out there. With that being said, you have a higher chance of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning than to die from skydiving.

There are two ways to play Skydiving. One is where you skydive alone where deploying the parachute will be your call. Another way is where you will be attached to someone, but that person will be doing the work.

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

How do you skydive? First off, once the plane has reached the appropriate location, that is where it is safe for the passenger and instructor to jump off the plane for the free fall. Next is the freefall stage. You will experience the feeling of falling for a few seconds as your body travels around 120 miles per hour. After a few seconds, the feeling will change. The feeling is similar to being in a wind tunnel with a massive fan under your belly. After around 45 seconds of freefall, your instructor will instruct you to pull the parachute. The parachute opening happens at a slow pace, there won’t be any feeling of being dragged away. After the parachute is deployed, you will have approximately four minutes back to the ground. It is actually common for first-time tandem skydivers to worry about landing. This is the final part of the leap, during which your instructor and you are preparing to land on the ground.

This will force the parachute to flare like a plane’s wing in the final five seconds of your flight. Your tandem instructor will pull down on these steering toggles.

In preparation for a butt-first sliding landing, your instructor would most likely instruct you to extend your legs out in front of you.

The thing about skydiving is that you do not need to be a professional to play skydiving. In fact, most people can do it without any experience. If you are physically capable of jumping off a picnic table and landing on your feet without incident, you are most certainly physically capable of skydiving as well. There are actually restrictions on age and weight for skydiving passengers. The restrictions are put in place for the safety of customers and instructors and also to meet the requirements set by the harness manufacturing companies.