Online Casinos and their role during COVID-19

Casinos are some of the largest entertainment sites in the world providing a large variety of games to play. As gambling is becoming more popular even among the youths, certain countries are prohibiting their citizens from gambling as gambling can ruin their lives if not controlled properly. The reason for its popularity is because of the potential that the gamblers are able to gain a significant amount of money, but oftenly it is dependent on one’s luck to even score a consolation prize. Casinos are created to not only provide entertainment, but to also ensure that their operations are legal and regularly regulate the players’ gambling habits by implementing a token system where they must pay a certain amount of money to get tokens in order to gamble. 

As the coronavirus swept the world over the course of a year, most businesses are forced to close to prevent further spread of the virus as it can be easily spread by bodily fluids from an infected and symptoms are shown in two weeks after infection. Casinos are no exception as they are continuously struggling to keep their business afloat. However, they are able to develop an alternative to provide their gambling services online by developing websites and apps for smartphones to attract gamblers around the world to use their services. By going online, more gamblers are able to satisfy their cravings to gamble at the comfort of their homes.

Most casinos would attract gamblers by claiming that they have “slot game terbaik” or “No 1 online casino” in the country, but it is better for gamblers to check the legitimacy of these casinos before investing into them. With the increasing popularity of online casinos, more people are turning towards to gamble online which also provides more opportunity for unregistered online casinos to bait gamblers into their website. Most gamblers prefer to gamble online as not only does online casinos reward loyal players for using their websites, but they also provide more benefits that would entice their players to keep using their services. Like most online games, online casinos reward their players who log into their website and provide a bigger reward when they reach a checkpoint. Additionally, online casinos allow their members to apply for different tiers of memberships with each tier providing different benefits and boosting the rewards they can earn through monthly subscriptions. Compared to landed casinos, online casinos provide more convenience for their players as they are able to convert their currency through any available online payment system such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and many more. Players no longer need to change their money to tokens on a counter as it can be easily done with a click of the button. Players are also able to freely play on any games they prefer with little to no queue time while staying away from health hazards that could easily spread to them through physical touch, bodily fluids or any other unforeseeable circumstances. 

With how widely accessible online casinos are, youths can easily get into gambling through their smartphones which could result in an early development of gambling addiction. Parents must ensure that their children are well educated to help them to control their gambling urges or to stay away from gambling.

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