Multi level marketing during the pandemic

With the current state of the world, working citizens are forced to work from home while non-working employees are not allowed to move outside unless they need to buy necessities to reduce the spread of the virus. Because of this, most citizens are stuck at home suffering  with little to no income while working citizens who are working from home are receiving less income than their usual salary and their working efficiency decreases as they could not receive immediate replies from employees who are working in the office. For some citizens who were let go by their companies, they use their knowledge and experience to help others that could not adapt to the new lifestyle by establishing a business to provide services that could help those that are in need. However, because people are stuck at home browsing through their social media, they will eventually be approached by a stranger who offers them a business opportunity that allows them to generate large sums of money and it is known as “multi level marketing”. 

Multi level marketing, or MLM, is a marketing strategy that companies recruit people to sell their products and pay their distributors based on the sales they have made. These distributors do not require any qualification but they are required to actively search for interested and potential consumers in any ways they can even at the comfort of their homes. Because of that, both working and non-working citizens started to invest into MLM as they can registered to become affiliated with the company of their choosing and start making sales by advertising on social media, selling it to their friends and families, handing out pamphlets and whatever methods they can use to get more sales. However, for these companies to keep track of their distributors and their progress, it will become difficult as even with the use of spreadsheets on the computer, it can become messy to keep themselves up-to-date. Therefore, MLM softwares is created to help ease their job.

Some multi level marketing software demo provides their users freedom to customize their platform such as editing colors, forming groups chats and sorting messages which allows them to improve their work efficiency significantly. Additionally, some of these softwares would have demos that would allow users to use their software with limited features before they can finalize their decision. For MLM companies especially those that are just started to establish, MLM softwares helps their users to easily establish their business with minimal effort and communicate with their distributors to keep each other up-to-date with their current progressions. Some websites can help undetermined MLM companies to analyze and determine which software to use as some of the softwares received reviews from CEOs, vice presidents and other equally high positioned individuals. 

With so much potential, MLM was supposed to be one of the best strategies that could help citizens during the pandemic to generate income. However, it has garnered a lot of negative reputation in recent years that even major MLM companies are using it. Victims who were scammed and knowledgeable businessmen are working together to create groups and forums to specifically educate people about MLM to help them avoid investing into the MLM industry.

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