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Is a Realtor a Must when Buying a Property

For the first-time property buyer, things can be hazy. Yes, you see a property you like at your preferred location, so what will you do next? Do you think it will be cheaper if you directly contact the owner? Well, there might be times when this is the case, but there are also times when you end up spending more.

That is right and this is why you should first assess yourself if you can do all the deals without the guidance of a realtor. You can also check below to know more about what a real estate agent can do so you can make more prudent decisions:

·         First of all, you should know that realtors are not charity workers. They work by commission and it goes without saying that if they can’t see themselves earning, they might not lift a finger to help. So, it means that there might be properties they won’t tell about, even if they know because it is posted as FSBO or for sale by the owner. But then again, if you already have a property in mind, like maybe you are interested in the residential property in Petaling Jaya, you can check on it yourself and see if they will allow direct buyers.

·         If you end up with a realtor that is part of a group, you will find that they need to be honest. Yes, you can easily find a realtor who is honest and so, if this is your concern, this should be addressed already. You need not worry about this as long as you can find a good realtor.

·         One good thing about realtors is that they will know if the price is reasonable or overpriced. They can help you a lot in this matter and can recommend a new option if the one you are looking for is not really good value. At the same time, they can also vouch for your choice and can even negotiate to still get a better deal.

·         Being a first-time buyer, you might not be aware of some of your rights. Yes, and a realtor can advise you on this, like when repairs will be needed in the property you plan to buy. This can be a daunting process, especially if the owner will be adamant. In fact, you can even demand a pre-purchase inspection and if you think this is out of line, the realtor can back you up. Yes, the realtor is your ally, considering you are the one who hires him. He will do his best to ensure that you get the best deal out of your choice of property. If by chance you won’t see eye to eye with the owner, he will also find another option that is still your liking.

Actually, you might save money if you won’t hire a realtor if you don’t happen to be a first-time buyer. But in your situation, it will be struggling. You certainly need a pro by your side.

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