How to Get Advertising On Your Business

Social Media can do literally anything in this day and age. If you’re a business owner looking to get some advertising down on your business, that’s good. Advertising can tremendously assist your business and in some cases can even boost your revenue up by a big margin. Advertising is an underrated business but so is social media. Here are some ways you can get social marketing services Malaysia. You can get these marketing services from various platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and few others. Furthermore you’ll be able to reach more people. Here are some ways you can get advertising on your business.

First of all, you can get some advertising your business by asking for your friends and family to share it on their social media. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to do it. Usually, most small businesses will ask for their friends and family to assist them by sharing their posts. WhatsApp stories, Instagram posts or stories, Facebook are all common spaces where friends and family share their spaces. Family and friends would also sometimes purchase your products and services because they care for you and it could help your revenue.

Next you can also try, put up flyers on your neighbourhood areas. Flyers are incredibly cheap when you do it in commercial shops. A pack of 1000 would only cost around RM300-500. Colour would cost more but it wouldn’t matter as most wouldn’t do colour. Some flyer printing  shops would also do you the favour of delivering the fliers from home to home for the same price or a fixed price. This is a common form of advertising many use as it is very cheap and very efficient. It also reaches the audience in your neighbourhood which means you can sell you products to you new found customers easily, Although this is a slightly outdated method, it works for certain places more than the others. As we all know, sometimes the flyers are thrown out or not even looked at.

Finally, you can advertise your business by making a page of it on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook marketplace and creating a fakebook page for your business can help it reach more customers than you think. Haven’t you bought any products recently from Facebook or Instagram? Exactly right, it’s a method that works but a lot goes behind getting the product to even reach a customer’s page. Normally, customers promote it for about RM100 for a five-day boosted advertising to targeted consumers. During this five-day window, a burst of customers reach the seller as they are all interested in the product offered. This is a great time for you to catch some long-term customers or people who are interested in other products and services you’d might want to sell.

In short, advertising is a good way for you to boost your business revenue and outreach. It may cost a pretty penny but if you think of it as an investment, the returns do come back. It’s an interesting way for you to get more customers whilst getting more exposure. We hope you take out tips on how to advertise and use them for your own business.

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