Things to know about storing your breastmilk

For many mothers, breastfeeding is important and is the central way they feed their newborn child breast milk. However, in modern times, many mothers are not able to pick up their children and breastfeed them whenever and wherever it is time to breastfeed. Therefore, pumping their breastmilk first, and then storing the breast milk in freezer is a common practice and has become a daily task for every breastfeeding mother. However, for many new moms, breastfeeding is actually quite new. They don’t understand why it is important to store breastmilk and don’t know the tips of it.If you are a breastfeeding mother that looking for the best way to store breastmilk in freezer, this article will show you things to know about storing your breastmilk, why you should store your breastmilk, and how you can store your breastmilk.

Why should you store your breastmilk?

Save time: For mothers, breastfeeding is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, requiring them to be on call at all times so that they can breastfeed their baby when they are hungry. However, despite being a full-time homemaker, mothers have a lot of things to take care of and cannot always wait for the time when they can breastfeed their children. Therefore, many mothers choose to pump the mother’s milk first and then put the breastmilk in the freezer. When it’s time to breastfeeding and the child wants to drink the breastmilk, just heat the pre-pumped breastmilk and let the child drink the fresh breastmilk.

Saving extra breast milk: For mothers, after giving birth to a baby, they will keep producing breast milk even if it is not during breastfeeding time. This can be a big headache for mothers. This is because breastmilk is very perishable, and if it is not well stored after being expressed, it will soon stink. Therefore, most people choose to store breastmilk in freezer to preserve the excess milk and make it less likely to spoil.

How to store your breastmilk?

The storage of breastmilk is something that requires utmost care. Before storing your breastmilk, you have to set aside a special drawer inside the refrigerator. Then, after expressing the breastmilk, you must label the storage bags filled with breastmilk with the date and time and arrange them neatly together. And when you take the mother’s milk, make sure you pay attention to its time limit and temperature of freezer. When storing breast milk, the refrigerator needs to be kept between about four and five degrees Celsius at all times. This allows the milk to have a shelf life of four days. If it is stored in the freezer at a temperature of about minus 17 degrees Celsius or even lower, the shelf life of breastmilk can be 6 months to a year.

Tips for storing your breastmilk

Here are some tips for you to know when storing and feeding your breastmilk:

  • Before pumping breast milk, make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer before you start. This is to prevent bacteria from entering your breastmilk.
  • Do not reuse leftover breastmilk after 2 hours of feeding. Bacteria may invade the breastmilk during this time. To avoid waste, measure the right amount of breast milk for each feeding.

Study Foundation in Physics Course in Malaysia

A physics foundation course is a prerequisite for most mathematics and science courses. In most countries, the first year of physics education is based on these foundations. All students with three or more years of high school education can enroll in this course. The course takes up around two semesters in total and consists of various labs and assignments that cover a variety of topics such as energy, motion, wave motion, light, sound, and temperature. Students are also required to complete a research project during their final semester. Physics courses are generally offered in universities as part of their degrees. The physics course in Malaysia is made up of two parts – the physics foundation course and the main course. A student must take both to complete the degree.

foundation in physics course in Malaysia

The online physics foundation course is available for free to all levels of learners, from kindergarten to post-graduate students. Students can choose between a set number of modules or their own topics if they are not given a selection. This online foundation course will help you understand the basic principles and theories of physical laws in an easy-to-understand way.  The study foundation course is offered as a 5-week course and is equivalent to the A-Level Physics 1. Course offerings are available in both English and Malay. The course aims to provide students with a solid grounding in physics, mathematical concepts, and scientific writing. 

The study foundation in physics course is a course designed to provide an understanding of the basic principles of physics and its applications. This is an introductory course for those who have not had any previous knowledge of physics. In this course, learners will learn the basics of mechanics and physical interactions with light, sound, heat, electricity, and magnetism. They will also learn about force and motion. Lastly, they will learn about different types of materials such as metals and non-metals that are encountered in everyday life. The Malaysian government has made an announcement that the country is going to introduce a physics foundation course into all public, private and international schools. It is important to provide students with a basic understanding of science in order to help prepare them for their future career.

foundation in physics course in Malaysia

 By introducing a physics foundation course, Malaysia will provide more opportunities for students to understand what they are studying. It is necessary for students to go through with physics foundation in physics course in Malaysia before they move onto the advanced courses. It is important because physics is essential in all science courses, especially in engineering and technology. Physics foundation course provides the basics of physics which will help students know how to understand and use the concepts in their future science courses. In Malaysia, there are many online resources for each topic of study taught in school such as basic mathematics, English literature, biology, chemistry and so on. However, these study materials are not that detailed or comprehensive to fully prepare students for their upcoming lessons. Students might find it difficult to learn from these materials at home due to lack of time or access to internet resources.

Advantages- Eco Friendly Tiffin Sets in Malaysia

Tupperware, a food storage and kitchen solutions company, has become a household name worldwide. The company’s name is now synonymous with plastic food storage containers and kitchen solutions to the point that plastic storage boxes are often referred to as tupperware.

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia

Tupperware provides a wide range of selection and solutions to one’s food storage needs in the form of water bottles and eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia.

They offer the selection in a number of sizes and types, but one aspect remains unchanged, the fact that it’s airtight. These airtight tiffin sets are a godsend for meal prepping because they allow the products to remain fresh for a longer period of time. The airtight seal ensures the food remains unspoilt and at the perfect temperature. 

Tupperware containers are easy to use, portable, and convenient. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and can be kept in the fridge for prolonged periods. These containers allow people to carry their meals in neat little packs instead of having to carry multiple boxes that are not leak proof.

Tupperware provides ideal storage solutions for dry as well as wet food. It can be used to store and transport spicy curries, creamy soups, and succulent sauces without the fear of spills. It provides temperature control and does not alter the quality of the food because Tupperware does not use cancerous chemicals or plastic hardeners

Here is a list of advantages that Tupperware can offer its users. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • BPA Free. 

The acronym BPA has been slapped on to multiple plastic containers, but consumers are never given an explanation as to what it truly means. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is an industrial hardener used to harden plastics and resins. The chemical is extremely harmful to one’s health and prolonged exposure can lead to cancer. The chemical can leech from the container and get mixed with the food. 

  • Colour Safe. 

Tupperwares come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer a wide range of lively and bright colours to choose from. These colourants have been registered on the French Positive List and Circular Letter No. 176 and the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution. This ensures that the colourants will not be transmitted to the food stored in the Tupperware container and that the food won’t change in shape, size, aroma, taste, and colour. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • Environmentally Friendly. 

Tupperware does not follow the principle of single use and throw. It is a reusable plastic container that does not go bad even after ages of being bought and used. The containers also come with a lifetime of warranty so if the airtight seal of the container is broken, it can be exchanged for a new one. The containers are guaranteed to work a lifetime and hence help reduce the plastic waste. The single use plastic containers last barely a few years from the date of purchase and upon their breakage are thrown away. These solid plastics sit in landfills for years because plastic takes at least a 100 years to break down. If the plastic waste does not end in a landfill, it will go into the sea where it threatens the sea life. 

  • Microwave Safe. 

Tupperware containers are microwave safe and will not warp or melt when exposed to the heat from the microwave. They also allow the food to remain unaffected. 

  • Easy to Wash. 

Tupperware products are extremely easy to wash and store. The products remained unstained and untainted no water what kind of food is put in it. The surfaces of Tupperware products are stick proof so cleaning sticky food such as oil, butter, margarine, sugar solution etc is incredibly easy. 

  • Easy to Carry and Store. 

The versatility of Tupperware products is unchallenged and unmatched. They are easy to carry and store. Once done using, the tupperware container can be cleaned and placed inside any cabinet. Due to the aforementioned fact that these boxes are diverse, one can use them to store dry foods such as sandwiches, dry fruits, fruits, etc or wet foods such as soups, curries, and creamy soups and pasta etc. 

How to Choose the Best College?

Who doesn’t want to study in the best place, have the opportunity to learn from those who are experts in their fields, and be part of the ranks of great people who are alumni? You all want it right? But the problem is, for those of us who want to study, for example, getting into the best universities is not an easy matter. Not only does it require us to compete with many people, being careful in making choices is also often a requirement.

To make it easier for you to make your choice, this time the Smart Class team will share tips on how to choose the best college.

Choose a major that you are really interested in

There are many of the best universities out there, both public and private. Even so, not all of these colleges may provide the majors that you are interested in. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to before choosing a destination campus is to first determine the major you want.

It is highly recommended to choose a major according to your interests and talents. Because of what? You will spend about 4 years learning the field, imagine if you didn’t like it from the start. So, don’t get me wrong!

Find out the ranking of the college to go to

If you already know what major you want to take, the next step is to find out the ranking of the college you are going to. It’s not a priority, but at least you know. Because after all, the best colleges must have high ratings from many credible and trustworthy institutions.

Consider the reputation of the faculty

Unless you are referring to Harvard and Oxford, there is no other best college or college in the world that excels in many ways. Therefore, do not be surprised if different universities have different “strengths”. For example, if you want to major in medicine, it is highly recommended that you don’t choose a university that has a major in politics.

 kursus perubatan

Ensure the completeness of campus facilities

Although most likely all the best universities have complete facilities, but making sure is still important to do. One of them is whether the campus has internet facilities, libraries, or other facilities that support lectures later. Laboratory is certainly important for those of you who are majoring in kursus perubatan. Likewise a basketball court or the like for those of you who major in sports.

Find out the location of the campus carefully

Outside of the academic side, another thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a campus is the location or surrounding area. Remember that you have to spend a lot of time in that place. That means you have to like the area. Whether it’s in the city center or in the interior. Also, consider how easy or difficult it is to get to and from home. Don’t get old on the street.

Consider financial factors

In developing countries like Indonesia, financial factors are undeniably still a problem in the world of education. Especially when it comes to college level. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when choosing a destination campus. For those who are smart and affluent, the choice may be whether they want to or not. But not so for those who are smart but do not have sufficient ability in funding.

Of course, ‘choose the cheapest option’ is not the right advice. It is therefore highly recommended seeking various available funding avenues. Looking for scholarships can be a solution.

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How To Choose The Appropriate Nipple Cream

There are many methods for alleviating the discomfort of cracked or painful nipples. Some things may work better for some individuals than others, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you. Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • Warm, wet compresses should be applied to both breasts.
  • When your breasts get bloated, use a breast pump to express some of the milk in your breasts (you can save it if you want).
  • While you’re in the shower, gently massage your breasts and allow a few droplets of milk to drain out of them.
  • Make cold packs or apply cooling compresses to the affected area.
  • Try rubbing a few drops of fresh breast milk into your baby’s nipples before and after feedings to relieve painful nipples.
  • Only water should be used to clean the area; no soap or shower gel should be used.

Try to feed your kid before he’s truly hungry – he’ll be less voracious and your nipples will be spared. This is another technique you may include into your breastfeeding practise. Please keep in mind that napple shields are only meant to be temporary fixes and should not be used indefinitely. Finally, as previously said, it is important to keep the region moisturised. Pure lanolin-based nipple lotion used to cracked nipples can offer effective pain relief while also assisting in the healing process, according to research. Choosing the nipple care cream malaysia is most essential there.

 nipple care cream malaysia

What Can I Do To Avoid It?

We all know that prevention is preferable than cure, so follow these tips and techniques to maintain your nipples in tip-top shape. It’s important to have the right fit, so experiment with several options to see what works best for you and your baby. You may experiment with various postures and modify the way you hold your kid. If you need more support, you may seek the advice of a breastfeeding specialist. Another important consideration is keeping the nipples dry. Keeping the region aired between feeds or using breast pads if you have frequent milk leakage (and remember to replace them often!) may help you achieve this. Maintaining a supportive and breathable bra is also important, so choose one that is both.

As previously said, an improperly sized cup on your breast pump may cause discomfort, so be sure to choose one that is appropriate for your particular breast shape. It is important to remember that sizes may vary over time, and therefore it is critical to establish the proper extraction plan. Do you want to be able to customise your electric breast pump to meet your specific requirements? Take a look at our model of exceptional quality.

The Importance: What You Need

The importance of keeping the part hydrated cannot be overstated, and we repeat it again and again: hydration is key. Using a nipple cream is the safest and most effective method of doing so. An excellent nipple cream contains lanolin, which is very hydrating and creates a protective layer over the nipples. Check out this natural component breast lanolin if you want to be sure you’re just using natural items on your body.


A last point to consider is that if your kid is beginning the teething process, your nipples will almost certainly be impacted. The teething toys may be a lifesaver since they allow your child to chew securely while receiving respite from the pressure you provide to his gums.

Learning to tackle your Liver Problems.

In our body’s digestive system our liver plays a critical part. Almost everything that we eat or drink, even medicines, travels through the liver. We must therefore treat our liver correctly so that it stays healthy and does its job successfully. In the bustling timetable, many of us can easily forget to offer our liver the attention it deserves.

The liver, placed below the lower ribcage on our right, is accountable for removing toxic substances that are necessary to purify the body and for creating fluid called bilium. It stores glucose most importantly, which provides us the power to conduct our everyday work.

How to minimize liver problems:

Limit your consumption of alcohol

In general, our liver and body can handle alcohol use. According to the recommendations, males should not drink more than 2 drinks a day and women should only drink one a day. A “standard” beverage contains around 14 g of pure alcohol. Two oz. of normal beer, for instance. But if you drink longer than your liver can, it will harm the liver cells; they can’t digest, and this can cause hepatic damage and lead to irreversible liver scarring. It could also induce liver failure if you continue drinking excessively.

Vaccinate yourself against liver diseases.

Hepatitis A, B & C vaccines protect yourself. Before taking these injections, you must always see your family doctor or doctor. Hepatitis A can be induced by food or water contamination and Hepatitis B may be caused through sexual contact or blood and needles contaminated. Recall that prevention is better than treatment

The liver is well designed for our body to do many things. It defends and nourishes our body daily from pollutants, provides the body with the required vitality, combats viruses and other diseases to maintain the supply of minerals and vitamins in our body. Without a functioning liver, all of this is not feasible.

If you seek Proganic hepatitis medicine in Malaysia, please visit Hans Secrets.

Pay attention to drugs

In ordinary cold or cough, we frequently prefer to diagnose ourselves and we use drugs that might have a serious effect on the liver. We tend not to jeopardize our health by contacting a doctor or a doctor. The liver is the most sensitive to the damaging consequences of self-medication of all organs existing within our bodies. It functions as the principal organ to detoxify any medication within the body. When a drug is taken in an overdose , without consultation with a doctor, the side effects of even natural medications will be irreversible. Check always with an expert and keep your liver health from being compromised.

Proganic hepatitis medicine Malaysia liver

Get regular liver function tests

Liver Function Tests, known as Liver Panel, is a basic blood test that may be performed to assess several enzymes, proteins and other chemicals produced by our liver. This straightforward blood test can disclose plenty of knowledge about your hepatic health and can indicate liver disease at an early stage. You can take measures in a timely manner.