Eco Friendly Tupperware Tiffin Sets in Malaysia

Advantages- Eco Friendly Tiffin Sets in Malaysia

Tupperware, a food storage and kitchen solutions company, has become a household name worldwide. The company’s name is now synonymous with plastic food storage containers and kitchen solutions to the point that plastic storage boxes are often referred to as tupperware.

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia

Tupperware provides a wide range of selection and solutions to one’s food storage needs in the form of water bottles and eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia.

They offer the selection in a number of sizes and types, but one aspect remains unchanged, the fact that it’s airtight. These airtight tiffin sets are a godsend for meal prepping because they allow the products to remain fresh for a longer period of time. The airtight seal ensures the food remains unspoilt and at the perfect temperature. 

Tupperware containers are easy to use, portable, and convenient. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and can be kept in the fridge for prolonged periods. These containers allow people to carry their meals in neat little packs instead of having to carry multiple boxes that are not leak proof.

Tupperware provides ideal storage solutions for dry as well as wet food. It can be used to store and transport spicy curries, creamy soups, and succulent sauces without the fear of spills. It provides temperature control and does not alter the quality of the food because Tupperware does not use cancerous chemicals or plastic hardeners

Here is a list of advantages that Tupperware can offer its users. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • BPA Free. 

The acronym BPA has been slapped on to multiple plastic containers, but consumers are never given an explanation as to what it truly means. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is an industrial hardener used to harden plastics and resins. The chemical is extremely harmful to one’s health and prolonged exposure can lead to cancer. The chemical can leech from the container and get mixed with the food. 

  • Colour Safe. 

Tupperwares come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer a wide range of lively and bright colours to choose from. These colourants have been registered on the French Positive List and Circular Letter No. 176 and the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution. This ensures that the colourants will not be transmitted to the food stored in the Tupperware container and that the food won’t change in shape, size, aroma, taste, and colour. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • Environmentally Friendly. 

Tupperware does not follow the principle of single use and throw. It is a reusable plastic container that does not go bad even after ages of being bought and used. The containers also come with a lifetime of warranty so if the airtight seal of the container is broken, it can be exchanged for a new one. The containers are guaranteed to work a lifetime and hence help reduce the plastic waste. The single use plastic containers last barely a few years from the date of purchase and upon their breakage are thrown away. These solid plastics sit in landfills for years because plastic takes at least a 100 years to break down. If the plastic waste does not end in a landfill, it will go into the sea where it threatens the sea life. 

  • Microwave Safe. 

Tupperware containers are microwave safe and will not warp or melt when exposed to the heat from the microwave. They also allow the food to remain unaffected. 

  • Easy to Wash. 

Tupperware products are extremely easy to wash and store. The products remained unstained and untainted no water what kind of food is put in it. The surfaces of Tupperware products are stick proof so cleaning sticky food such as oil, butter, margarine, sugar solution etc is incredibly easy. 

  • Easy to Carry and Store. 

The versatility of Tupperware products is unchallenged and unmatched. They are easy to carry and store. Once done using, the tupperware container can be cleaned and placed inside any cabinet. Due to the aforementioned fact that these boxes are diverse, one can use them to store dry foods such as sandwiches, dry fruits, fruits, etc or wet foods such as soups, curries, and creamy soups and pasta etc. 

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