Things to know about storing your breastmilk

For many mothers, breastfeeding is important and is the central way they feed their newborn child breast milk. However, in modern times, many mothers are not able to pick up their children and breastfeed them whenever and wherever it is time to breastfeed. Therefore, pumping their breastmilk first, and then storing the breast milk in freezer is a common practice and has become a daily task for every breastfeeding mother. However, for many new moms, breastfeeding is actually quite new. They don’t understand why it is important to store breastmilk and don’t know the tips of it.If you are a breastfeeding mother that looking for the best way to store breastmilk in freezer, this article will show you things to know about storing your breastmilk, why you should store your breastmilk, and how you can store your breastmilk.

Why should you store your breastmilk?

Save time: For mothers, breastfeeding is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, requiring them to be on call at all times so that they can breastfeed their baby when they are hungry. However, despite being a full-time homemaker, mothers have a lot of things to take care of and cannot always wait for the time when they can breastfeed their children. Therefore, many mothers choose to pump the mother’s milk first and then put the breastmilk in the freezer. When it’s time to breastfeeding and the child wants to drink the breastmilk, just heat the pre-pumped breastmilk and let the child drink the fresh breastmilk.

Saving extra breast milk: For mothers, after giving birth to a baby, they will keep producing breast milk even if it is not during breastfeeding time. This can be a big headache for mothers. This is because breastmilk is very perishable, and if it is not well stored after being expressed, it will soon stink. Therefore, most people choose to store breastmilk in freezer to preserve the excess milk and make it less likely to spoil.

How to store your breastmilk?

The storage of breastmilk is something that requires utmost care. Before storing your breastmilk, you have to set aside a special drawer inside the refrigerator. Then, after expressing the breastmilk, you must label the storage bags filled with breastmilk with the date and time and arrange them neatly together. And when you take the mother’s milk, make sure you pay attention to its time limit and temperature of freezer. When storing breast milk, the refrigerator needs to be kept between about four and five degrees Celsius at all times. This allows the milk to have a shelf life of four days. If it is stored in the freezer at a temperature of about minus 17 degrees Celsius or even lower, the shelf life of breastmilk can be 6 months to a year.

Tips for storing your breastmilk

Here are some tips for you to know when storing and feeding your breastmilk:

  • Before pumping breast milk, make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer before you start. This is to prevent bacteria from entering your breastmilk.
  • Do not reuse leftover breastmilk after 2 hours of feeding. Bacteria may invade the breastmilk during this time. To avoid waste, measure the right amount of breast milk for each feeding.

Thanking The Revolutionary Anatomy Book

Human anatomy is a common knowledge. We know where and what our organs and cells do to keep ourselves in full, healthy operation. As kids, you most likely learn about anatomy in either class or books, maybe even kid-friendly encyclopedias as a starting point. Beyond school biology, you will start to gain a deeper knowledge in anatomy if you are a student taking a medical and health sciences diploma Malaysia

To whom or what do we thank for the correct knowledge of our own body, systems and organs?

In medical and health sciences diploma Malaysia, history is made in anatomy.

Meet anatomist and physician Andreas Vesalius and his magnum opus, De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septim (On The Structure Of The Human Body).

Before Andreas, anatomical knowledge was largely based on early anatomical works, one big example being Greek physician Galen’s anatomical works, which were based on dissected animals such as pigs and monkeys. Although he accurately described the organs, they were often misattributed to humans’ too. Furthermore, in contrast to popular belief, human dissection wasn’t prohibited, but rather deemed unnecessary when the knowledge could simply be gained from said works. Though the Church didn’t officially ban the practice, the dissection of cadavers was frowned upon by social authorities until the 12th and 13th century, when the anatomical lectures started but without verifications through actual, hands on dissections.

There were also highly detailed human anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, but it wasn’t published until years after death, thus the knowledge of the time remained unchanged until De Humani was published in 1543.

Before medical and health sciences diploma Malaysia, Andreas accurately described anatomy.

Andreas took the initiative to actually teach anatomy through the hands-on human dissections, believing that it was the only reliable source to learn about the human body and their organs. He also discovered many of Galen’s errors that contradicted his own observations and pointed them out in De Humani, though he retained the respect for his works by explaining that the Greek physician wasn’t wrong, but his descriptions were not for humans. 

In medical and health sciences diploma malaysia, De Humani made a hit.

When De Humani was published, it became an instant hit. Although it wasn’t the first “accurate” anatomical book of the time, its high production quality and detailed, fantastical drawings of the human body were among the factors of its popularity. Consisting of seven “books” or chapters, De Humani describes the skeleton, muscle structure, blood vessels, nerves and organs of the body and is accompanied with intricate, three dimensional drawings of both full human figures and the relevant parts in different passages. The figures were often drawn in full page poses, showing off different layers of the body. Sometimes they were dissected to display the placement of their organs and other structures.

In medical and health sciences diploma Malaysia, De Humani is a masterpiece in anatomy history.

De Humani became a major advance in the history of human anatomy and Andreas was considered as the pioneer of modern anatomical knowledge. As a result of its success, he worked as an imperial physician of Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, and served him several years before moving on to Phillip II of Spain while publishing a revised edition of De Humani. Andreas died on the Greek island of Zakynthos after he was shipwrecked there on the way to Padua, Italy from Jerusalem.

Today about 700 copies survived and some were displayed or kept in various places including London, Boston, New York, Cambridge (England), Paris, Oxford and Rome.

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It is understandable when everything seems very daunting and challenging when you just started a business. There are so many things to take care of, from paperwork to hiring coworkers and employees, to searching for a suitable place to rent for your first physical office. Since the start of the pandemic two years ago, many switched to working virtually, and today, most businesses and companies implemented hybrid working schedules. However, everything is slowly going back to normal, and if you’re still considering renting a space for your office, you can check out cp tower Petaling Jaya, or anywhere that seems doable for you. 

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Why is physical office space needed?

Working virtually has its perks, and that is true. You don’t need to spend so much when working online, other than paying for your home rent (if you’re renting), internet bills, as well as other important bills. However, the challenge of working virtually is that an internet connection can sometimes be a problem, despite living in a big city. 

Besides, if you did not have the time to upgrade your electrical devices needed like your laptop or PC, then you will face challenges of being outdated from certain software, or worst, your electrical devices decided to shut down while you’re in the middle of work. 

Therefore, physical office space is still essential, especially when you’re just starting out your business, because an office space will provide you with the working ambience to keep your focus, and it also provides you with the amenities and space to collab with clients and coworkers easily without worrying being suddenly logged out. 

Benefits of owning an office space

Other than easy collaboration with clients and coworkers, here are some benefits to why office space is still essential for most businesses:

Increased productivity and creativity

Working from home can be fun too, however, home is supposed to be a place to rest instead of work, and there are more distractions at home compared to an office space. When you are able to rent an office space, working in a more professional working layout will provide you with the boost to focus on doing your work, at the same time feeling motivated when you see your coworkers are striving just as hard as you to make ends meet. 

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Greater Flexibility

Greater flexibility, easier to get the work done. Flexibility here means you are able to discuss important issues and is able to explain or receive a thorough explanation face-to-face without buffering or lagging. Face-to-face explanations are often the best way since you are able to point out the things you don’t quite understand and are able to map out the concerns more accurately compared to discussing them virtually. 

Not only will you be able to have better communications during meetings, but you are also exposing yourself to your coworkers and other employees so that they get to know who they are working with, and you get to know who you are working with too!

More networking opportunities

Other than collaborating with new clients and employees, you are able to put yourself out there and get to know the staff and coworkers around you. It is important to introduce and get to know everyone as this can benefit you in a long run, especially when you are just starting out a new business. 

Also, if you happen to rent in a well-known area, the chances of you meeting new people around you and getting to know them professionally will also contribute to expanding your network, as well as your growing business. 

Pay Attention Danger Hazards In The laboratory

A potential source of risk exists in the laboratory, which increases the possibility of occupational safety and health issues such work accidents and occupational diseases. There are numerous hazardous compounds that can result in mishaps in the analytical laboratory. To prevent or reduce the possibility of work accidents, it is crucial to prioritize occupational health and safety. Activities involving workplace health and safety risk analysis are one possible way to make an effort.

The major components used in the analytical laboratory, namely chemicals, are related to the hazards that are present. There are numerous possible concerns in this laboratory that could endanger the health and safety of lab users. The tasks performed in this lab include the creation of reagents and a practicum for the analysis of functional groups. Concentrated HNO3, phenol, concentrated H2SO4, ethanol, and ether are among the chemicals used in labs that could pose a threat. Exposure to concentrated HNO3 used in the manufacturing of reagents carries 5 hazards. Skin irritation brought on by chemical spills on the skin is the first risk. Concentrated HNO3 can harm the lungs and the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tract in addition to causing skin burns, eye irritation from splashes, and respiratory tract irritation.

The risk of utilizing phenol in this laboratory’s practical exercises is that it can irritate the skin and eyes as a result of spills or substance splashes. The dangers of utilizing concentrated H2SO4 include the potential for skin and eye burns, irritation of the respiratory tract, irritation of the respiratory system, and damage to mucous membranes in the eyes, mouth, and respiratory system. The use of ethanol in practical tasks comes with a danger of fire since the liquid and vapor can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Ether also carries a risk of igniting when in contact with liquids and irritating the skin, eyes, digestive system, and respiratory system.

Splashing or exposure to concentrated HNO3, phenol, and H2SO4 chemicals poses the greatest risk of harm. These three substances have the ability to burn skin when it comes into contact with them. These three substances are frequently utilized as one of the useful materials in daily life. When doing practicals, laboratory users are frequently sloppy and less cautious, causing the three chemicals mentioned above to be touched or dropped, which can subsequently generate splashes and expose laboratory users’ skin. The use of chemicals in the analytical laboratory is something that must be done so that the dangers that exist due to the use of these chemicals must be properly socialized to laboratory users. This is so that laboratory users do not make mistakes in treating chemicals so that there are risks that can occur and endanger the health and safety conditions of laboratory users. There is a need for special standards for users to comply with all the regulations that have been set for the creation of a safe analytical laboratory.

Practical tasks must be completed in line with established work processes and with the intention of limiting acts that could harm the user’s health and safety. Before undertaking practical tasks, it is also necessary to provide instructions on how to carry them out effectively. All laboratory users should also be reminded to use personal protective equipment. Synthetic rubber gloves and a lab coat with sleeves that reach the wrists are considered the minimum personal protective equipment. The purpose of wearing this personal protection equipment is to shield the body from liquid, solid, or gaseous chemical exposure or splashes in order to lessen the effects on body portions that are exposed. That’s why we must buy some safety laboratory equipment like this link below fume hood Malaysia.