What To Do In A Car Accident

You are driving back home from your workplace at Bandar Kinrara Puchong to Subang Jaya. Due to unfortunate circumstances, you got into a car accident probably from feeling tired. Another thing is that this is your first time getting into a car accident, and you do not know what to do. Fear not, in this article, we will guide you on what you need to do when you get into a car accident.

Bandar Kinrara Puchong

1.Do not move your car away from the accident scene

First things first, do not move your car away from the accident scene (Unless needed). For example, you move your car to the side so that you don’t block people’s way. Too bad for other drivers. The reason why you shouldn’t move your car is for documentation purposes.

2.Take pictures of the accident

No matter if you are right or wrong in the scene. You must always take pictures of the car damage and the accident scene so that you can make a police report later to claim insurance. Remember to take a picture of the other person’s car with their number plate.

3.Do not allow third-party car services to tow your car away

Whatever the situation is, never allow third-party car services to tow your car away with the promise of fixing your car. Often, these car companies are unethical where they will charge a much higher price compared to a licensed car repair shop

4.Make a police report

If you are looking to claim your car insurance, be sure to make a police report within 24 hours. Protect yourself from unexpected third-party automobile claims or personal injury claims by submitting a police report.

Bandar Kinrara Puchong

5.Call your car dealership to send someone to pick up your car

If worse comes to worst your car is damaged seriously till where it is not safe to drive. Call your car dealership immediately to have someone tow your car for you. Nowadays, their number will be placed on your windshield. It is better to let a professional handle your car compared to a third-party shop.

6.Never settle for less

Never accept any cash from the other party to get your car fixed. If you are unsure how severe your damage is, it is better to make a police report and claim the insurance. The amount they give could be less than the amount that you need to pay for the actual damages.

Extra note: Never give in

If the other party is being extremely unreasonable, do not give in to his demands. By following his orders, you have already given him the chance to push you around. If the person refuses to let you go, call the police immediately.


It can be a scary experience when you get into an accident for the first time and you do not know what to do. Just take a deep breath, relax your mind, and follow these steps.

Study Foundation in Physics Course in Malaysia

A physics foundation course is a prerequisite for most mathematics and science courses. In most countries, the first year of physics education is based on these foundations. All students with three or more years of high school education can enroll in this course. The course takes up around two semesters in total and consists of various labs and assignments that cover a variety of topics such as energy, motion, wave motion, light, sound, and temperature. Students are also required to complete a research project during their final semester. Physics courses are generally offered in universities as part of their degrees. The physics course in Malaysia is made up of two parts – the physics foundation course and the main course. A student must take both to complete the degree.

foundation in physics course in Malaysia

The online physics foundation course is available for free to all levels of learners, from kindergarten to post-graduate students. Students can choose between a set number of modules or their own topics if they are not given a selection. This online foundation course will help you understand the basic principles and theories of physical laws in an easy-to-understand way.  The study foundation course is offered as a 5-week course and is equivalent to the A-Level Physics 1. Course offerings are available in both English and Malay. The course aims to provide students with a solid grounding in physics, mathematical concepts, and scientific writing. 

The study foundation in physics course is a course designed to provide an understanding of the basic principles of physics and its applications. This is an introductory course for those who have not had any previous knowledge of physics. In this course, learners will learn the basics of mechanics and physical interactions with light, sound, heat, electricity, and magnetism. They will also learn about force and motion. Lastly, they will learn about different types of materials such as metals and non-metals that are encountered in everyday life. The Malaysian government has made an announcement that the country is going to introduce a physics foundation course into all public, private and international schools. It is important to provide students with a basic understanding of science in order to help prepare them for their future career.

foundation in physics course in Malaysia

 By introducing a physics foundation course, Malaysia will provide more opportunities for students to understand what they are studying. It is necessary for students to go through with physics foundation in physics course in Malaysia before they move onto the advanced courses. It is important because physics is essential in all science courses, especially in engineering and technology. Physics foundation course provides the basics of physics which will help students know how to understand and use the concepts in their future science courses. In Malaysia, there are many online resources for each topic of study taught in school such as basic mathematics, English literature, biology, chemistry and so on. However, these study materials are not that detailed or comprehensive to fully prepare students for their upcoming lessons. Students might find it difficult to learn from these materials at home due to lack of time or access to internet resources.

Advantages- Eco Friendly Tiffin Sets in Malaysia

Tupperware, a food storage and kitchen solutions company, has become a household name worldwide. The company’s name is now synonymous with plastic food storage containers and kitchen solutions to the point that plastic storage boxes are often referred to as tupperware.

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia

Tupperware provides a wide range of selection and solutions to one’s food storage needs in the form of water bottles and eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia.

They offer the selection in a number of sizes and types, but one aspect remains unchanged, the fact that it’s airtight. These airtight tiffin sets are a godsend for meal prepping because they allow the products to remain fresh for a longer period of time. The airtight seal ensures the food remains unspoilt and at the perfect temperature. 

Tupperware containers are easy to use, portable, and convenient. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and can be kept in the fridge for prolonged periods. These containers allow people to carry their meals in neat little packs instead of having to carry multiple boxes that are not leak proof.

Tupperware provides ideal storage solutions for dry as well as wet food. It can be used to store and transport spicy curries, creamy soups, and succulent sauces without the fear of spills. It provides temperature control and does not alter the quality of the food because Tupperware does not use cancerous chemicals or plastic hardeners

Here is a list of advantages that Tupperware can offer its users. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • BPA Free. 

The acronym BPA has been slapped on to multiple plastic containers, but consumers are never given an explanation as to what it truly means. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is an industrial hardener used to harden plastics and resins. The chemical is extremely harmful to one’s health and prolonged exposure can lead to cancer. The chemical can leech from the container and get mixed with the food. 

  • Colour Safe. 

Tupperwares come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer a wide range of lively and bright colours to choose from. These colourants have been registered on the French Positive List and Circular Letter No. 176 and the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution. This ensures that the colourants will not be transmitted to the food stored in the Tupperware container and that the food won’t change in shape, size, aroma, taste, and colour. 

eco friendly tiffin sets in Malaysia
  • Environmentally Friendly. 

Tupperware does not follow the principle of single use and throw. It is a reusable plastic container that does not go bad even after ages of being bought and used. The containers also come with a lifetime of warranty so if the airtight seal of the container is broken, it can be exchanged for a new one. The containers are guaranteed to work a lifetime and hence help reduce the plastic waste. The single use plastic containers last barely a few years from the date of purchase and upon their breakage are thrown away. These solid plastics sit in landfills for years because plastic takes at least a 100 years to break down. If the plastic waste does not end in a landfill, it will go into the sea where it threatens the sea life. 

  • Microwave Safe. 

Tupperware containers are microwave safe and will not warp or melt when exposed to the heat from the microwave. They also allow the food to remain unaffected. 

  • Easy to Wash. 

Tupperware products are extremely easy to wash and store. The products remained unstained and untainted no water what kind of food is put in it. The surfaces of Tupperware products are stick proof so cleaning sticky food such as oil, butter, margarine, sugar solution etc is incredibly easy. 

  • Easy to Carry and Store. 

The versatility of Tupperware products is unchallenged and unmatched. They are easy to carry and store. Once done using, the tupperware container can be cleaned and placed inside any cabinet. Due to the aforementioned fact that these boxes are diverse, one can use them to store dry foods such as sandwiches, dry fruits, fruits, etc or wet foods such as soups, curries, and creamy soups and pasta etc. 

Hi- Grad Preinsulated Pipes

Hi- Grad Preinsulated Pipes

Since the housing market crash of 2008, the world has been a victim to multiple recessions. The petrol crisis, the gas crisis, and more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic led recession had brought trade and commerce to a near standstill. As a result of this, many countries have been forced to shut down ongoing construction and expansion projects. On the other hand, Malaysia, a hub of innovation and a melting pot of opportunity, has been greenlighting multiple construction and expansion projects, government sanctioned and otherwise, despite the global recession. Although Malaysian trade and commerce has been negatively impacted due to the pandemic, it has not been as severe as some of the other Asian countries. Unitrade is a building materials supplier that specializes in hi-grade preinsulated pipes

While government projects sign contracts with different suppliers to get the best possible deal based on all the data made available to them, a private enterprise looking to establish or expand its physical presence might have a hard time acquiring the best possible deal on their building materials in Malaysia.

There are multiple suppliers of building materials online in Malaysia and each firm has its pros and cons. Syarikat Logam Unitrade is a building materials provider in Malaysia that specializes in fulfilling orders as efficiently as possible. The company’s website is incredibly detailed and easy to use. It provides a complete overview of all the building materials the company provides. 

Hi- Grad Preinsulated Pipes

Syarikat Logam Unitrade provides building materials in Malaysia required to fulfill large and small development and construction projects such as commercial buildings, property developments, and other structures. The structural steel used has high resistance to fire. This reduces the chances of a fire breaking out in the warehouse. The company also supplies materials that make the process of construction easier to deal with. One such material is material used for building scaffolding. Scaffolding is used to support working platforms to support the stability and the safety of the platforms that builders use during construction. 

The building materials that Unitrade specializes in can be widely classified into four categories, structural steel, steel reinforcement, raw materials, and other BM materials. Structural steel is a type of steel that is used for construction materials. It is used to create a variety of shapes. Structural steel shapes, sizes, chemical composition, mechanical properties such as strengths, storage practices, etc., are regulated by standards in most industrialized countries. The most common forms of structural steel are flat bar, angle iron, channels hollow sections, sheet piles, sheet plates, and dolly and trolly tracks.  

Steel reinforcement, also known as rebar, is a construction material used to reinforce structures. It is a steel bar, steel rod, or steel mesh that is used to strengthen and hold concrete in tension. To improve the quality of this bond, the rebar is often patterned. 

Syarikat Logam Unitrade has all the resources of a large company and hence has the efficiency of one as well, however, it provides the care and customer service of that of a small one. Each customer is treated like an indispensable client because each client is an indispensable client to the company. The company has separate delivery charges which are given to the client at the end of their order placement.

Hi- Grad Preinsulated Pipes

Semenyih and Why it is Sought After

Along the Kajang–Seremban road, Semenyih is a town and a mukim in the Hulu Langat District of southeastern Selangor, Malaysia. It’s 28 kilometres (17 miles) southeast of Kuala Lumpur and 8 kilometres (5.0 miles) southeast of Kajang. The surrounding area is steep, with Bukit Arang, at 560 metres (1,840 feet), being the highest mountain nearby. As a result, the area is home to a number of beautiful waterfalls. The Ostrich Wonderland Show Farm is a more prominent tourist destination in the town. With new roadways (such as the Kajang–Seremban Highway and the Kajang SILK Highway), the town is becoming more accessible. Population expansion has been aided by new developments such as the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. By 2000, the population had risen from 15,100 in the 1991 census to approximately 45,000. This equates to a 12.9 percent annual growth rate, compared to 2.66 percent for the national average over the same time period. 


Following the revelation that the future MRT line will stop in the neighbouring township of Kajang, Semenyih, a town in Selangor on the fringes of Kajang, has seen a rapid surge in property construction.

Setia Ecohill by SP Setia and Eco Majestic by EcoWorld are two of the most notable developments in this township. Many small developers are following in the footsteps of the bigger businesses, hoping to profit from the increased demand for property in this area.

Semenyih’s current housing stock includes anything from low-cost flats to cottages. Because Semenyih is a student-heavy town, there are numerous public transit options available in the area.


The world-renowned University of Nottingham is the most well-known higher education institution in this township. In the same way as the town of Nilai has grown as a result of the migration of students, the town of Semenyih has many residential sections that are mostly populated by students and are normally isolated from the residential areas of the locals.

The Broga Hill, which is known for its hiking track as well as its hilltop perspective, is one of Semenyih’s attractions.


 The meaning of the town’s name is unknown, and it is not found in any dictionary. It was derived from the locals and has historical significance. It is said to be derived from a Negeri Sembilan dialect term that means “hidden” – the standard Malay word for “hidden” is sembunyi. 


The federal highway 1 serves Semenyih primarily. Highway 31 begins here and runs through the Langat valley, connecting Bangi, Putrajaya (precinct 20), Dengkil, and Banting.

The Kajang-Seremban Expressway (LEKAS) E21 is a toll road that serves Semenyih.

The UNMC-Kajang Shuttle Bus runs from the University of Nottingham’s campus in Broga to the SBK35 KB6 Kajang MRT/railway station, serving Semenyih.

Semenyih town and the SBK34 Stadium Kajang MRT station are connected by the rapidKL bus T450.

The area has seen a very sudden raise in the demand for residential properties. After a very public failed incinerator project, the township had been deemed a student friendly area that worked to cater to students alone. However, with the announcement that a new MRT line will be developed for the area, more and more people are flocking to Semenyih. 


Shah Alam and Why it is Sought After

Shah Alam is a city in Selangor, Malaysia, and the state capital. It is located in the Petaling District and a tiny piece of the neighboring Klang District. Due to Kuala Lumpur’s admission into a Federal Territory in 1974, Shah Alam took over as the state capital of Selangor in 1978. Following Malaysia’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1957, Shah Alam was the country’s first planned metropolis. On October 10, 2000, Shah Alam was awarded city status, with Dato’ Haji Abu Sujak Haji Mahmud as the first mayor. He most recently served as Selangor’s deputy Menteri Besar, or Chief Minister. Abu Sujak stated his intention to transform Shah Alam into a modern city with a distinct character as a Bandaraya Melayu (“Malay City”), highlighting the Malay race’s achievements in many fields. Given the area’s rich history and mature status, many wish to move to Shah Alam. These people have found their lodgings using Edprop.

Shah Alam

The Shah Alam Town Board, managed by the Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) or Selangor State Development Corporation, was established in 1963 as a result of the Selangor state government’s intention to develop the current land into a township. The Majlis Perbandaran Shah Alam (MPSA), or Shah Alam Municipal Council, was established in compliance with the Local Government Act 1976 when the Sultan of Selangor declared Shah Alam as the state capital at the time.


The state capital is next to the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM, formerly known as Institut Teknologi MARA or ITM until 1996). The complete university complex is located in Seksyen 1, a portion of the city’s western highlands. There is also an INTEC UiTM (International Education College) branch campus of UiTM in Seksyen 17, where students can prepare for international studies. Non-bumiputra students are admitted to INTEC UiTM, which is the only UiTM campus that does so. 

University of Selangor, Management and Science University (MSU), and its affiliate college, MSU College, are among the city’s other higher education institutions. Shah Alam also includes various industrial-related education centres, including Shah Alam Polytechnic, CIAST, and ADTEC. Many primary and secondary schools, such as SK Bukit Rimau and SMK Kota Kemuning, serve Shah Alam. In some circumstances, the number of students enrolled in schools surpasses the number of potential pupils living in the neighborhood.

Shah Alam

There are three secondary schools and seven primary schools in Taman Alam Megah, Taman Bunga Negara, and Taman Bukit Saga, which are located in Sections 27 and 28 respectively. In Sections 16 and 17, on the other hand, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 16 is the lone secondary school. Shah Alam now has 37 primary schools, 23 secondary schools, 1 technical school, and 1 vocational school. Within the city, the SMJK Chung Hwa is the only national-type secondary school.

Section 32, Shah Alam is home to the Chinese Taipei International School (Kuala Lumpur).


There are several private clinics in Shah Alam, which are located around the city and in residential parks. The primary government-owned clinic, on the other hand, is called Poliklinik Komuniti Shah Alam and is located in Section 7. (Shah Alam Community Polyclinic). In Section 19, there is another government-run clinic.

Shah Alam Hospital is a government-owned hospital that opened on October 5, 2015, following a four-year wait. The hospital will be utilized as a teaching facility for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and will cost MYR 565 million. [15] It’s right next to a government-run clinic in Section 7.  In Shah Alam, there are four private hospitals.


Uptown Shah Alam 

Section 24 of Uptown Shah Alam is along the LKSA highway. It’s a popular hangout spot for locals, and it’s more than simply a flea market. Occasionally, there are food stalls and events such as concerts and games.

Bon Odri 

Bon Odori is a yearly festival that takes place during Obon. It is a Japanese Buddhist tradition to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors who have passed away. Every year in Penang and at the Panasonic Sports Complex in Section 21, Shah Alam, Selangor, Bon Odori festivals are held on a smaller scale. The festival, which is primarily intended to introduce residents to a piece of Japanese culture, offers a range of Japanese food and drinks, as well as art and dance. Malaysian celebrations, particularly in the cities, are more geared toward culture than religious origins. The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur, The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur, and The Embassy of Japan are hosting this event, which is free to attend.

Shah Alam

Wet World 

Wet World is the largest water theme park chain in Malaysia. Wet World Shah Alam, Selangor; Wet World Batu Pahat, Johor; and Wet World Air Panas, Pedas, Negeri Sembilan are its three Malaysian locations.

Engage With Your Customers Like Never Before

If you’re an online business, customer engagement is a crucial part of sustaining your business. In this article, learn about the different types of customer engagement and what steps you can take to engage with each type of customer. undefined In this blog article, the author takes a look at using AI software to create customer engagement for your business in the future.

The many benefits of mobile banking

If you want to engage your customers to like never before, take a look at what mobile banking has to offer. With the help of mobile banking, companies can provide better customer service and access their accounts easily. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything so you can start using bank apps today. Making mobile banking easy is a key attribute of technology that will change customer engagement. Being able to do business anytime, anywhere with the convenience of your phone or tablet is a revolutionary feature that helps to increase revenue while streamlining the process.

How is the customer’s experience with mobile banking different from that of other services?

The customer’s experience with mobile banking is different in a few key ways. First, the customer can quickly and easily bank from any mobile device. Secondly, customers no longer need to physically go into a bank branch to conduct online transactions. Thirdly, customers are able to access all of their account information from any type of device-they don’t have to carry a physical card with them for this purpose anymore. Mobile banking is set to revolutionize the way people engage with their banks. The way in which customers experience a mobile banking app can be vastly different depending on the merits of the design and feature set. Most importantly, it emphasizes convenience and ease of use as a focus, but at the same time provides security features that help prevent fraud.

Do consumers want a desktop or mobile banking?

Desktop banking is a popular way for the bank, but not all consumers want it. Consumers may be more interested in mobile banking if they have a tablet or Smartphone. A recent study of nearly 5,000 consumers revealed that 69% of respondents prefer the convenience of mobile banking system Malaysia while only 26% prefer desktop banking. Customers should have the option to choose which platform they prefer, whether that is through the desktop or mobile banking. The most effective way to do this is by offering them both. Customers will be more likely to use their device of preference if you offer both and when they are on a computer and want to check their banking information, it’s as simple as clicking on a web browser icon and entering their login credentials.

Competition in the financial industry

Competition in the financial industry is cut-throat, non-stop and intense. Customers today are more informed, more demanding and have a higher standard of customer service than ever before. This has created a need for businesses to work harder than ever to get ahead of their competition. In order to stay ahead, companies that don’t have customer engagement strategies will eventually fall behind. Businesses are always competing with one another. They compete in the search for the best employees, the most innovative products, and the best customer service. It is important that businesses understand this competition, not just with other companies, but also with their customers. Competition between business and customer will help both of them grow in a way that benefits everyone.